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*Final Countdown Intro*

8/1/14 by MetroidGirl

School is soon. Soon soon soon. I don't know how I feel about this :0 birthday is soon. Soon soon. Soon. Amazed at how little I have to say... Hmmmmmmmmm. 3717660_140690781842_image.jpg


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That's how I know you're the clone OnO!!
Ay man when's yer birfday?

8/7/14 MetroidGirl responds:

The 28th ^.^ but I'm a clone... So Idek how to feel about it...

MAYBE I AM OnO!!!!!!!

8/7/14 MetroidGirl responds:

XD DX CX XC ;0; /)u(\ ^.^ >:0

Or one of us..........isn't human o.O *GASPGASP*

8/6/14 MetroidGirl responds:

Are you suggesting... MAXIMUM CLONEAGE!!!

I swear to the fucking universe ._. We have the exact same hands ._. Except maybe the nail shape because mine are fucked up -_-

8/4/14 MetroidGirl responds:

Plot twist... Siamese twins

Have you been watching Life on Mars or Stargate recently? Nice nail polish.
Teachers at school used to love to give the 'pen ink is toxic' speech....

8/1/14 MetroidGirl responds:

No, just listening to a lot of The Mars Volta. Found a cd lying around at home and listened to it. Love it. Thx haha the color is "Greys Anatomy" xD
And yeah I get that, I really. I just don't care haha. The company MUST be well aware of the common useage of the markers. If so, the ink CANT be sooo bad